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2020 marks the

10th Annual WA Small Fruit Confererence

Registration is open

*10 WSDA Pesticide Credits available*

School Foodservice Update


As part of our ongoing efforts to engage school foodservice, we have just launched a new toolkit and supporting webpages that provide this important audience with resources just for them. The site showcases top school chefs and culinary professionals and includes recipes formatted and designed specifically for schools. In addition to the resources, we have partnered with Healthy School Recipes, and they are hosting a webinar on September 17 to walk K-12 operators through the new resources and give them practical tips and tricks to incorporating frozen raspberries in a variety of formats into their school menus. Attached is a press release about the new site and resources, as well as the webinar, that we are using to promote the new offerings to school foodservice-focused publications across the country. We are thrilled to bring these new resources to support the industry’s efforts to increase demand within the school foodservice market.

School Nutrition Association February 20
Upcoming Meetings



 ​                        Via ZOOM videoconference, 1-5 PM

                           Please notify us about your intent to participate and

                           we will send you link


 ​                      Small Fruit Conference will be virtual due to COVID.

                         Working on a time in which the WRRC Annual Meeting

                         will be included. 10 WSDA Pestiside Credits available.

Virtual Washington Red Raspberry Harvesting and Processing Tour

The WRRC continues to support the US Trade Representative’s Investigation No. 332–577, Raspberries for Processing: Conditions of Competition between U.S. and Foreign Suppliers, with a Focus on Washington State, for the purpose of providing a report that provides an overview of the U.S. raspberry industry in Washington state and assesses the conditions of competition between U.S. and foreign suppliers of raspberries meant for processing.  As part of the International Trade Commission’s 14-month study, their staff planned to participate in an in-person tour of our harvesting and processing practices this summer. However, due to the pandemic restricting travel, the WRRC created this comprehensive virtual harvesting and processing tour that is now accessible to the ITC, as well as the general public.


Call for 2021 Proposals
Due Dec 12, 2020

New Research

The WRRC assists the National Processed Raspberry Council in helping to develop stronger markets for raspberries.   One of their efforts is to fund researchers around the world who are working on how food can affect human health.   A recent study conducted by Kings College in London received some encouraging news in the British Press . . . .

Eat raspberries to keep your heart racing! The fruit may slash risk of heart disease by keeping your blood vessels healthy, claims study (which was part-funded by growers)

Dec 1- 4, 2020

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